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Caroline Smith

John – 4lb lost on 4 day weight loss boot camp *

"John Cocliff, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, retired three years ago from working as a superintendent and head of training for West Yorkshire Police. He took part in two bootcamps, one last September and one in January this year. Prior to the bootcamp he felt as if he’d lost some of his general fitness, as […]"

Caroline Smith

Mark lost 18lbs on 7 day weight loss boot camp *

"A little about myself: Inactive for the better part of 4 years with some notions of exercising every now and again but never committed beyond a few weeks (Sound familiar ?) Overweight (Close to 110 Kg) , asthmatic and knee problems from previous sport injuries as a teenager. None of these problems really mattered as the […]"

Caroline Smith

Sue – Lost 11lbs on 4 day weight loss boot camp *

"Sue Dennis is a physiotherapist from South Shields, who took part in two Northern Bootcamps, one in Weardale and one in Bamburgh, in order to train for the Marathon of the North in Sunderland. Before bootcamp Sue had attended the local gym and also tried going running. She was first recommended to Northern Bootcamp through […]"

Caroline Smith

35lbs lost on 14 day weight loss boot camp*

"Northern Bootcamp has given me my mojo back, got me back on my feet and gifted me a chance of getting my old self back…….and for that I will be forever grateful. I guess my biggest worry was that I’d be the un-fittest and fattest there (and in truth on my second camp I was both)… but […]"

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